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The Art of Live Social Media Event Coverage

December 27, 2019

In the digital age, it’s crucial for your business or organization to have a presence on social media. Regardless of your audience’s demographics or psychographics, they’re likely online, which means you have to meet them where they are. 

This holds true whether you provide a service or sell a product. It’s also necessary for when you host an event, although your usual marketing strategy will look a little different for event coverage. You not only have to promote the event, but you also have to cover the event while it’s happening. How else will people know how much you’ve put into this incredible event?

This element is sometimes scary for brands because it is very different from the typical posting process. There is no time to have multiple people edit each post, and there is no time to make tailored graphics... it’s just your team, their phones, and a little creativity. As scary as this may seem, you can do it. And we’re here to help! 


Top Tips for Live Social Media: 


Choose your team and your platforms

Covering an event—no matter the size—takes more than one person. You’ll need to put together a team that can tackle different elements of the job. There are a few different ways to do this:

  • If you are having a one-day event, then splitting up the responsibilities between posting photos/videos and responding to follower comments and messages is ideal. You don’t want to create engaging content to then have your followers left hanging without a response! 

  • If your event is several days long, you should have at least one team member covering the event each day. Some things may slip through the cracks, but the next person to take over can fill in the gaps. 

While forming your team, you should also be thinking about what platforms you want to post on. This will affect how big your team should be. Focus on the platforms where you already have a presence, and if you haven’t created any accounts yet, you’ll want to only pursue the platforms where your intended audience is. Certain platforms lend themselves to live coverage of events, including Instagram with live stories and Facebook with its live stream video option. 


Choose your event hashtag and update accounts 

With this live coverage tip, consistency is key. Once you and your team come up with a short, memorable hashtag for the specific event, you need to stick with it. This hashtag should, of course, be used during the event by your team...but it’s more than just that. You should update all of your social media bios to include the hashtag before the event. You should also have your event planning team include the hashtag in the decor. 

It’s also important to motivate guests of the event to use the hashtag. One way to do this would be to run a contest using your event’s hashtag. This will help generate more audience-driven content. It also provides you with a wealth of user-generated content to use for future posts. 

Note that you should follow legal requirements while creating the contest, and post contest rules that reflect your local and state legal requirements.


Consistently post content throughout the event 

The two main reasons to post during your event is to get your followers to stop by and give the followers who couldn’t make it a glimpse into what they are missing. Providing context for each of the photos or videos you are sharing will help draw people in and encourage them to engage with the content. 

While live posting, you want to remember the nuances of each platform. For example, when you post on Twitter, keep it short and sweet. When you are posting on Instagram and Snapchat, you want to include as many videos and location tags as you can. 

And there you have it. As intimidating as live event social media sounds, you have our top tips to help you on your way to success! Not only that, but Cosmitto can help you with this type of marketing as a part of your social media services. Contact us today so we can start planning together! 

Providing context for each of the photos or videos you are sharing will help draw people in and encourage them to engage with the content. 

Hope Perri

Picture of Hope Perri

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