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Do Social Media Metrics Really Matter?

June 07, 2019

As a digital marketing agency, we eat and breathe social media. While it isn’t the entirety of what we do, it is a rather big piece. 

To us, social media marketing seems like a no-brainer — every day, we see results from posting on our own social media accounts, as well as our clients’ accounts — but there are people who don’t see its value. To them, if there isn’t a direct sale, spending time posting appears useless. These people may find themselves posting “when they remember” or “when they have time,” and they definitely dismiss any sort of regular reporting.

As the marketing manager for your business, you have to showcase the value of your work and the impact of well-used social media platforms. This is where social media metrics matter, not only to prove the worth of a social strategy but also to shape your ongoing marketing approach.

Which Metrics Matter?

It may be difficult to trudge through all the numbers when you first dive into your social media analytics. From reach and impressions to likes, comments, and shares, there’s an abundance of numbers that are overwhelming without context. As you work through monthly reports, beware of vanity metrics. These metrics are mostly your follower count, page likes, subscribers, and page views, but they can also include post likes. This isn’t to say that these numbers aren’t important though. 

The bottom line is, you can have a million likes on your page, but if nobody is going to your website or brick-and-mortar shop because of something they saw on your social media, those likes do little-to-nothing for your business goals. Instead of just reporting on the vanity metrics, you want to look at engagement-related metrics, specifically, click through rate (CTR) and shares to justify the time spent on planning and reporting social media. 

Wait, What’s Engagement? 

“Engagement” is an umbrella term to categorize the times your post gets clicked on, commented on, and liked. The more these things happen, the higher the engagement the content gets. On the surface level, engagement shows that people are interacting with the content that you’re posting –maybe it’s a DIY, a recipe using your product, or a news article about your industry. When people engage with the post, it means you are doing your job of adding value to the posts rather than just selling things. 

So…What’s the Point of Social Media Metrics?

Not every single post will convert or contribute toward reaching your overall marketing targets. Social media can (and should!) bring in return on investment (ROI), but its ROI may end up being more than just sale conversions. After all, social media management is about long-term strategy. While this means you might not see immediate gains, social media management can be a valuable tool in creating a dedicated following of customers, and therefore, ambassadors for your brand. 

Social media marketing and management, when done right, is a full-time job. Keeping your social media pages up-to-date with fresh and engaging content requires planning and attention. Luckily, we have a team of social media managers ready to help you create a long-lasting strategy. Contact us today to discover what we can do for you.

As the marketing manager for your business, you have to showcase the value of your work and the impact of well-used social media platforms.

Ashleigh Bowling

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